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Ever since I was young I've enjoyed the act of creating. I've had formal educations in both visual art and music but found my professional calling as a film editor. I've always been a huge cartoon fan and, wouldn't you know, I got a job working on the best animated show ever, The Simpsons (maybe I'm a little biased).

Still, music has always been my first love. My dad was a musician and I learned to play trumpet early on. When I discovered improvisation, music suddenly became way more exciting. Making music up on the spot with like-minded friends is still one of my favorite things to do. Composing is like improvising in slow motion. My favorite music is a blend of the two. Composition gives you the framework, but the most interesting moments are those when don't know what will happen next.

My debut album "Blue Talk" is that sort of musical odyssey, it's contemporary jazz with a twist. Propulsive rhythms drive a kaleidoscope of strong melodies and constantly shifting moods. It features my trumpet and ten original compositions. This is great music for living, loving, or just chilling out. On top of that, I'm backed by a truly world class band. Listen!


Don Barrozo: Blue Talk